Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meal Planning-Recipe Idea-Chicken Breast

Here is a great method of making 4 different ethnic dishes, with only 90 min of baking time.
All is needed is a side dish, and veggies. These are great to have on hand for work lunches or for dinner.

Preheat oven to 350

Prepare 4 foil packets with chicken and preferred toppings. 
Bake for 90 min, or until chicken is cooked through

Let cool, place in freezer safe containers or ziplock bags.

Shown in Picture:

Mexican Chicken Topping
Black Olives
Black Beans
Taco seasoning

Greek Chicken Topping
Black Olives
Olive oil
Greek Seasonings
Lemon Garlic Seasonings

Asian Chicken
Asian sauce such as sweet chili sauce
Red/Green Pepper 
Asian seasonings

Roasted Chicken
A mix of different seasonings
Olive oil

Other ideas:
BBQ Chicken - Chicken with BBQ Sauce
Chicken with Low Cal Italian Dressing (Great for next day salads)
Orange Chicken - Chicken with Orange juice and rind
Lemon Chicken - Chicken with Lemon juice and rind

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