Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 lbs down!

Last Monday I entered my weight on Weight Watchers Online. I was surprised to see a bouncing star in front of me indicating that I had lost 25 lbs!
I started WW online about 2 1/2 years ago. I was a bit heavier back then. The data base saved my information, and used my original weight when I re-joined.
Needless to say I was very happy to see that, and I am looking forward to the next 25 lb Star!

Friendships; A vital asset to life's journey

I am a sociable, and outgoing person. For over 10 years I worked in a customer service desk at a casino. My job was to talk to people all day, when we weren't busy I chatted with my co-workers. Two years ago I was the successful candidate for an Admin Level II position within the same company. I was sad to leave my job, the building I worked in for almost 14 years and all my friends, however I was excited to start my new job and finally put my skills and abilities to use. I spend most of my time now in a cubicle in front of a computer. I do love my job, and I am good at what I do. For a long time I felt like there was something missing. Sitting at my desk eating lunch alone, I began to feel lonely. Over time, I started making new friendships. I must say I have very good working relationships with my co-workers, they make my day enjoyable. Some of the co-workers I have befriended have moved on to other building within the company, I try to keep in touch with them.

I have been reflecting lately on the friendships in my life. I have many friends, some have been around since I was a teen, some are fairly new. Some I chat with everyday, some not so much. Some friends live far away, some are so close they are my neighbor. Some are women, some are men. Some are young adults some are seniors.

I believe that God brings people down my path for a reason. Each person has an impact on my life big or small.

I love every friend, with all my heart. I may not show it or say it as often as I should, but I truly do love my friends.

At this time in my life, I have the most friends that I have ever had.
I am so grateful for the support I am getting from my friends and co-workers.
My Facebook group is a great sanctuary for me. I know I can post anything and those ladies will support and encourage me.
In addition some of my friends and co-workers are helping me through other subjects that I am struggling in.

My friends accept me for who I am, love me even though I am not perfect, and come to the rescue when I need them.
I have some amazing friends.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meal Planning-Recipe Idea-Chicken Breast

Here is a great method of making 4 different ethnic dishes, with only 90 min of baking time.
All is needed is a side dish, and veggies. These are great to have on hand for work lunches or for dinner.

Preheat oven to 350

Prepare 4 foil packets with chicken and preferred toppings. 
Bake for 90 min, or until chicken is cooked through

Let cool, place in freezer safe containers or ziplock bags.

Shown in Picture:

Mexican Chicken Topping
Black Olives
Black Beans
Taco seasoning

Greek Chicken Topping
Black Olives
Olive oil
Greek Seasonings
Lemon Garlic Seasonings

Asian Chicken
Asian sauce such as sweet chili sauce
Red/Green Pepper 
Asian seasonings

Roasted Chicken
A mix of different seasonings
Olive oil

Other ideas:
BBQ Chicken - Chicken with BBQ Sauce
Chicken with Low Cal Italian Dressing (Great for next day salads)
Orange Chicken - Chicken with Orange juice and rind
Lemon Chicken - Chicken with Lemon juice and rind

Office foods

I work in an office environment as Administrative Support. I find that there are many temptations in an office environment; tray of donuts, Christmas chocolates, left over pizza from a meeting etc.

I love to bake, and it was starting to bother me that I wasn't baking and sharing my sweet treats. I then realized it's the time in the kitchen I love. In addition, it's spreading joy when offering people a treat. 
I decided that this didn't need to stop.

For valentines day I brought into a meeting; a heart shaped tray of strawberries with a few Hershey kisses on the side. Everyone was so grateful, and it looked so lovely!

Recently, I brought in a large container of homemade veggie soup I had made in my crock pot. They loved it!

On some occasions it is my task to order food for a meeting. I make sure there are plenty of healthy choices available. 

There are still tray of donuts and chocolates laying around on certain days at work. I choose to ignore them now, and tell myself that it's just not worth it.

Developing an exercise routine

How do I go from couch potato to an active person?
I wasn't raised to be an active person.

We already had a full YMCA membership, and we were only using it for the kids.
Now it was time to put it to use.

How do I get my family to be active with me?
The change had to start with me first. I needed to be able to keep up with the kids.

I started first by walking the track at then gym, then I hit the treadmill and elliptical.
I started off at the gym once a week, then increased to two times a week, and now I go to the gym three times a week.
I tried a few different types of exercises to see what was right for me.
Over the past 9 weeks, I have increased my strength and endurance.
I have went to the gym with friend(s), and I have gone alone. I really have no preference, I enjoy the variety.

4 Weeks ago, I joined a Cardio Salsa class at the YMCA.
I love it!! It is so much fun, and now that I am 4 weeks into the class it is an intense workout! It has taught me to really loosen my hips. I think my body is thanking me for it. The class is going to continue to the end of June. I am looking forward to learning more moves!

Do what you love! If exercise is boring, then you are more likely to quit.
Develop a routine; times and days that work for you.

A few of my friends have YMCA memberships now. We like to go swimming together, or hit the treadmill and walk/run at our own pace.

My plans for this Summer:

  • Walking in the mornings outside
  • Riding my bike
  • Riding my bike with the kids
  • Learn one new sport (Tennis?)

My first 5K Charity walk

Steps for Life - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Join us on Sunday, May 5th at Kildonan Park!

Raise awareness of workplace safety & help support families of workplace tragedy!

Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy
 is a fun 5km fundraising walk to help support families affected by workplace tragedy. Created in 2004, it raises funds to support Threads of Life programs and services for families who’ve suffered from a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease. It also raises awareness about the importance of health and safety within workplaces and to the public. It’s a unique way to educate your community about the devastating ripple effects of a workplace tragedy and how we can work together to prevent others from being injured or killed on the job

I am the team captain :)

Our Team name: "Walking Zombies"

Our Team donation goal: $300

Team members goal: 10

Dealing with stress

I always thought I could deal with stress, until one day my dentist asked me if I was stressed out. I looked at him strangely and said “You have me lying back in a chair, and you are asking if I am stressed? Am I in the wrong office?”. He laughed loudly then informed me that I was grinding my teeth during my sleep, usually due to stress.  I could always hide my stress, well I guess I can’t now. 
Over the last 9 weeks, as my meals became healthier and my exercise became more frequent, I found I am able to deal with stress better.
Whenever I have the urge to binge I tell myself, it worth it to sabotage myself? Will I feel good when I see a gain on the scale because of my actions? It's not worth it.  
I find that exercise really helps calm me down and helps clear my head.
The stress in my life has not decreased, if at most it has increased. I have just learned how to handle it.