Sunday, March 17, 2013

A New Sanctuary

Several months ago I created a group on Facebook called Healthy Living. 
I extended a public invite to all my friends who were interested. When our group became more active, I changed the privacy settings to private group. 
This is my sanctuary. It is a way I can connect with my friends about the trails I face, without my other Facebook friends, family even bosses and co-workers reading my posts. I can access this group through my cell phone, so I have the support with me all the time. 
The group is very diverse; some ladies with kids, some without, some work from home, and ages 20ish to 40ish. 
Late December/Early January one of the group members posted a weight loss challenge. This challenge made the group extremely active. We decided to add in mini challenges such as share your journal, calories burned, and steps taken.
I am so proud of our group. We are like a little family. 

Our group accomplishments;
  •  Lost over 100lbs as a group
  • Have encouraged members that were struggling, and helped them find they’re groove
  • Have shared recipes and meal ideas
  • Have helped each other through temptations
  • Have helped each other with daily struggles that could cause us to fall off the wagon such as dealing with kids, work, family, and life events
  • Have encouraged each other to live an active life

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